The Mind of an Aquarius

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I want this tattoo!

A random thought

As an Aquarius, we’re always assumed to like unique and sometimes wacky things. But, this isn’t an all-the-time sentiment. I always see posts saying what the signs would order on their pizza or something like that, and they always write that an Aquarius would order something insane and original. That’s not necessarily true. While I, being an Aquarius, do enjoy sometimes out of the ordinary things, sometimes I also enjoy just a regular, plain old cheese pizza.
The thing they we must remember is that astrology isn’t some transfixed algorithm that can 100% of the time predict who we are, how we act or what we do. There are many other aspects that go into astrology other than your birthdate. So while your sun sign does give a general predictor, your whole birth chart has to be done to get a more through prediction, and even then it can turn out to be wrong.


I personally find the death tarot card very interesting. Most people’s first impression or though of the card is that it means literal death, but that’s not entirely true. The card can mean a physical death, but in most cases it simply means the end. It can manifest itself as the end of one era, relationship, feeling, really anything that can end. The death card is also not morbid and foreboding like most people think as the end usually also means a new beginning.
I see the death card as more of a winter, wiping away life, only to make way for spring, and with it new life.